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Document settings let you change the title, the description and the privacy. This section is visible by clicking the gear icon in the editor sidebar.

1. Document Title

This is the title of the document. NeutralText will use this title for context when writing, so name it appropriately.
Let's say we're writing a blog post about how to grow a beard.
In the title section, you could write the actual title of the blog post - How To Grow A Beard - 7 Tips to Help Grow Facial Hair
Document title and description are already prefilled in the AI templates.

2. Document Description

This field could be used in two ways:
  • as a short description of what the piece is about, the tone of voice and the desired content angle
  • as a proposed meta description to be shown in Google SERP

3. Sharing Options

A document can be shared with anyone on the web. Just click on the toggle and share the link with anyone you want. A public document link is also required to be used with Integrations.