👩‍💼Team management

NeuralText is great when used on its own, but even better when used with your team.

Add team members

  1. Click in the bottom left corner and open up your profile

  2. Navigate to the Team tab

  3. Type the email address of your team mate and click on "Invite" button

  4. Your team mate will receive an email where he can sign up and join your team.

Remove team members

Team members can only be deleted by the team lead. You will need to contact the account's team leader if you want to be deleted from the team.

If you are the account team lead:

  1. Navigate to the Team tab

  2. To delete a member's email from their account, click the "Actions" button next to their name.

When deleting a member, all the projects, the documents, the generated texts and the keyword reports are moved to the team lead that has deleted the team member.


  • Permissions are managed at project level.

  • Go to a Project's Settings by clicking on the gear icon besides the project name, in the drop-down Projects menu.

  • Under Sharing settings for team members you will see all your team members.

  • There two kind of permissions: "editor" and "viewer".

  • By default, only the owner of a project can change or delete a project and all the objects belonging to it.

  • By giving the "editor" permission to a team mate for a project, he will be able to edit all the objects belonging to that project.

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