👩‍🏫Content Optimization Basics

Nobody knows precisely how the Google Search algorithm works. But one thing is for sure: Google tries to satisfy the user.

Google has shifted the search paradigm from a keyword-based system to a more complex one based on entities and search journeys.

As a writer, you must make sure that your content is relevant to your searchers' needs.

NeuralText helps you to understand what's relevant to include in your content to craft a well-researched piece of content.

How NeuralText analyzes a Search Engine Results Page

When you create a document with a keyword, NeuralText will analyze the top search results on Google for that query and "read" all organic results.

We analyze the main content from each page ranking on Google and extract topics using a method called Named Entity Recognition.

This is an ordered list of actions performed under the hood:

  • Search on Google

  • Extract main content from top 20 ranking pages

  • Extract topics from main content

  • Aggregate and Group Topics

  • Rank topics per frequency and importance

  • Score pages based on the overall topic model

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