📅Usage quotas

SERP Analysis

For every SERP Analysis, you will spend one credit. Blank documents are instead free of charge.

Keyword DIscovery

A keyword research report will cost you as many credits as the number of keywords generated in the report.

Keyword Clusters

For each keyword in the CSV file you upload to the clustering tool, you will spend a credit. You can also top up Keyword Cluster credits by clicking on the Buy more credits button.

Generated AI Words

Every time you generate text using AI, you will spend an amount of credits equal to the number of generated words in the output.

When using AI Prompts, you can choose whether to generate from a minimum of 1 output to a maximum of 10 outputs.

Google Search Console Connected Properties

This is the number of Google Search Console web properties connected to your projects.


This is the number of members in your team, including your account.

Common questions

When will the quotas reset?

Quotas will reset at the start of a new billing cycle, every 30 days. To see when your quotas will reset:

  1. Visit your Settings page

  2. Go to Billing section to check when your plan renews.

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