NeuralText Basics

NeuralText: an All-in-One Tool to Automate the Content Workflow

NeuralText platform is a set of AI-tools suitable for SEOs, Copywriters, Marketers and Bloggers to automate their content ideation, creation & optimisation workflow.
These tools include:
  • Keyword Research Tool: to get a list of related keywords given a topic.
  • Keyword Clustering Tool: to create an optimised editorial plan in minutes.
  • Content Brief Tool: to retrieve insights and valuable info from search engines e create shareable reports in a click.
  • Content Grader Tool: to use those insights alongside a grader to write - or generate with AI - optimised content.
  • Content Generator Tool: which lets easily create any kind of content, from blogs to advertising copy, from emails to social media posts, using the latest Natural Language Generation technologies, like GPT-3.
We designed our pipeline to let you choose each tool as a standalone tool or all tools one after the other, depending on which stage of the content workflow you are.

Getting Familiar with the Dashboard

Inside the homepage app, you'll see a dashboard like this. You can always access this screen by clicking the NeuralText logo in the header. Inside the Dashboard homepage, you'll have the following sections:
  • Go to my account: to edit account settings or check usage quotas.
  • Go to Knowledge Base: to be redirected to this documentation.
  • Launchpad: to see a demonstration video of every tool.
  • Tools: shortcuts for tools.
  • Left Menu: to have everything at your fingertips.