🏗️Content Briefs and Outlines

SEO Content Brief helps you to standardize and streamline your content marketing efforts by:

  • Reducing content production costs: having fewer drafts to check means more time saved. And, you know, time is very often equal to money.

  • Aiming for greater consistency among writers: working with different people means dealing with different skills and expertise. If you want to keep the same brand voice and higher standard, you must make the process consistent for everyone.

  • Improve search rankings: SEO is becoming harder and harder every year, but the

  • Deliver on time: content briefs can reduce errors in your content creation process and avoid needless revisions.

You and your writers can use a content brief to communicate what you want and how you want it done, making the content process easier.

What's inside this section

  • How to assemble a content outline

  • How to automate content brief creation

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