🧑‍🔬What is the science behind our AI?

Under the hood, NeuralText uses AI in different ways. We generate text, analyze texts and extract topics in an accurate way.

No matter what is the task, you can be sure that we are using the latest, state-of-the-art models.

New neural networks like GPT-4 are innovative and powerful and it has made it simpler to generate text. By interpreting a general description, this network can not only create brand new information from the information you provide it with but also understand the information in a deeper way. Furthermore, it is extremely flexible.

In addition to our proprietary algorithms, we use resources provided by different partners. After teaching it to understand copywriting the algorithms became truly useful. Using the best copywriting techniques, we systematically trained it. Based on its learnings, the AI became an expert copywriter quickly. It continues to improve every day!

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