🦾How the AI writing assistant works

Every time you press β€œWrite for me” button in the text editor or use an AI template, you will be using a machine learning model trained by reading a large proportion of everything published on the internet.

NeuralText AI can connect billions of data points from different topics in seconds and generate readable and engaging content.

Why patterns matter

Autoregressive models are susceptible to patterns, making it extremely flexible to different use cases.

Take for example this sentence:

Title: Overcoming writer's block

Our AI will provide this completion

1. What is writer's block? 
2. Why writers get stuck
3. The symptoms of writer's block 
4. The cure for writer's block 

If instead,

Writer's block is a condition

This is what the AI will write


A note of caution

Even if we have done our best to train AI on the most high quality data available on the Internet, sometimes the AI can generate weird or unwanted text, like any other AI writing assistant available on the market.

Due to the AI architecture, you can achieve best perfomance by providing high quality text to the model, because it was designed to mimick input text in tone, style and overall quality.

Be aware that NeuralText’s AI writer will not instantly produce articles that are ready for publication.

With a bit of practice, you will be amazed by the results

Common pitfalls

First-time users of the "Write for Me" tool often perceive it as broken. But why?

The test will be performed on a completely blank document without any context provided. If you ask a person to write an article without indicating the subject or format, it would be like giving them a blank sheet of paper and asking them to write.

You will need to provide contextual clues to the tool so that it knows what you want it to write about. Providing as much context as you can is likely to improve the results.

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