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🎊 Welcome to NeuralText!
NeuralText is a tool that simplifies content operations for marketers, entrepreneurs and creators.
NeuralText leverages the usage of latest Artificial Intelligence technologies (specifically, Natural Language Processing and Generation) to automate the entire content ideation-creation-optimization workflow.
For example, our users use NeuralText to:
  • Analyze content in the first page - for any Google Search result - getting topics, questions, statistics and a lot of other insightful data
  • Generate different marketing copy variations in a couple of clicks using AI
  • Find the most popular keywords and use the clustering tool to create content strategies
In this quick start guide, you will learn about the basic components.

NeuralText in a nutshell

NeuralText is a set of AI-tools suitable for SEOs, Copywriters, Marketers and Bloggers to automate their content ideation, creation & optimization workflow.
These tools include:
  • Keyword Research Tool: to get a list of related keywords, given a topic.
  • Keyword Clustering Tool: to create an SEO optimised editorial plan in minutes.
  • Documents: to retrieve content briefs full of insights and valuable SEO data from search engines, create shareable reports in a click and optimize your content based on topic scores.
  • AI Templates: which let easily create any kind of content, from blogs to advertising copy, from emails to social media posts, using the latest Natural Language Generation technologies, like GPT-3.
We designed our pipeline to let you choose each tool as a standalone tool or all tools one after the other, depending on which stage of the content workflow you are.