😰The AI is generating weird or unexpected results

Despite its cleverness, AI is far from perfection.

Rory Sutherland, a vice chairman at the advertising firm Ogilvy, compared AI recently to satellite navigation tech in a car. β€œGreat for directions, but you don't allow it to drive the car,” BBC

If you do not get any results, or if the AI does not seem to work properly, you may get some odd, unfitting or unexpected results. Troubleshooting should be done according to the steps below.

Do it again

There may be times when your connection to the AI is simply interrupted, causing odd or no results. Also, the AI may occasionally make mistakes.The first thing to do is to run the AI a few more times if an odd result appears. Your AI will likely work again as normal if the next results are good, so it seems that it was just a simple mistake. Please consult the next section if the results are still strange or do not work.

Change the prompt if necessary.

A vast collection of examples has been used to train AI.

Still, the AI may encounter difficulties with the prompt you gave it due to the infinite ways people write.

Changing your word choice and sentence structure can help you rewrite your prompt. Include as much relevant detail as possible.

Then, run the AI again. You can continue if the results improve. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Refresh the page

The AI and your system can sometimes have a problem connecting. The reason for this can vary, but it usually occurs after a tool has been open for a while. It may help to refresh the page. Refreshing the page essentially restarts NeuralText. You can create content again after this. Alternatively, move on to the next step if this doesn't work.

Your cache needs to be cleared

Through small and frequent updates, NeuralText, including the AI generation, is constantly improved. It's possible, though, that your browser's cookie data may be preventing the AI from updating, causing the updates not to go through.You can fix this problem by following these steps.- First, close NeuralText.

  • Then, go to the settings of your browser and clear the cache.

  • Start your browser again.

  • You can now try generating text from NeuralText again. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

In case you don't want your browser's cache to be erased, you can skip this step. Open NeuralText in an incognito window and try the AI there first to see if that is the problem. To make the AI work properly again, you must clear your cache. If the AI works, then this is the issue. In case it doesn't work, you can also proceed to the next step.

Please try again later or contact us.

It is likely that the issue is on our side if all the above did not solve it. Our AI might be temporarily down, or maybe we have another problem. We suggest trying again in several hours. It might be running again by then.You can always contact us via our live chat if you have any questions. Our team will reach out to you as soon as possible and try to help you.

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