🔗Connecting Your Web Properties

Integrating your web properties with Google Search Console through Neuraltext is a straightforward process that unlocks a wealth of data to enhance your content strategy. Follow these steps to seamlessly connect your web properties and start leveraging deep insights into your website's performance.

Step 1: Accessing Integration Settings

  • Log in to your Neuraltext dashboard.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu, by clicking on your profile in the bottom left.

  • Select Integrations from the menu and connect your Google account to discover properties.

Step 2: Selecting Your Web Properties

  • Once authorized, you'll be redirected back to Neuraltext.

  • Select a project and go to the either the Project Settings or the Performance section.

  • Choose the web property to connect. Neuraltext will start syncing data from your Google Search Console.

Step 3: Data Sync Completion

  • The data sync might take a few minutes, depending on the volume of data.

  • You can now access and analyze your website's performance data directly from the Neuraltext dashboard.

By integrating Google Search Console with Neuraltext, you unlock a powerful combination of SEO tools and analytics designed to optimize your content operations and drive better results.

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