AI tricks

Mastering AI can be a challenging task. Don't you see the results you were expecting? Follow these tips to improve your results. Be sure to check these tips first if you are experiencing poor or no text generation.

Give your description more details

AI can create more content with more information fed to it. The longer a description is, the better the result. Be as specific as possible. It could make a difference.

Don't be vague, be specific

Ironic truth is that artificial intelligence is not intelligent. To produce solid content, it needs clear guidelines it can latch onto. Ensure that your descriptions are as specific as possible. Explain what you mean in crystal clear language, so there is no possibility of confusion.

Synonyms can be helpful

Despite knowing a lot, the AI isn't a dictionary. All the words, products, or companies that you know may not be familiar to it. Use synonyms instead of the words you are used to. Try substituting a few words with synonyms. They might be easier for the AI to understand. Have trouble coming up with synonyms? You can find a wide variety of websites that offer synonyms for a word.

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