🧑‍🎓Content Score

Optimizing as you write is one of NeuralText's most popular workflows.

The Content Score updates in real-time as you write. This means you can ensure right away that everything you draft inside NeuralText will be SEO-friendly with NeuralText's content and optimization features.

1. Content Score

The content score suggests how this article is optimized for the target keyword.

2. Word Count

Word count is not a ranking factor, but it can be useful to understand quickly how long your content should be.

3. Topic Score

The topic score reflects your coverage of the topics found in SERP for your article.

If you don't know how to cover a topic, dont' worry! Whenever you click on a topic from clusters, subtopics, headers, or titles section, you will see examples of how to use that topic.

4. Readability

The readability score indicates how easy it will be for someone to read this text. It's not required to reach a high score at all costs, but in the majority of cases can help.

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