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Topic types

NeuralText categorizes topics in different groups to help you better undestrand how your organic competitors are using those topics and to help to identify the gaps in your content. In this page we will check what are the different types of topics and how to use them to get interesting insights.
Use the dropdown menu to select different topic types

Sub topics

A list of long-tail topics found in competitors content.
The list is ordered by frequency, so the first topics will be the most used one from the competitors.


This section contains the same data of sub topics but grouped in clusters.
It helps you to have a general overview of what topic category you are covering.
If you click on any topic from clusters, subtopics, headers, or titles, you will get examples of how to use that topic in a context.

SERP scores

Using NaturalText, you can pull the top 20 organic search results for your target search query and get a score for each result.
You can use this information to compare the topic coverage of your content with your corresponding SERP competitor.


Extract topics from competitors headers.
By studying your competitors' headers, you can get a better understanding of how they structure theirs.


Extract the most used topics in the titles.
Titles in SERP can reveal quickly what is the real intent of users. That's why NeuralText counts the number of occurrences and shows you what are the most important topics you need to craft a winning headline.
For example, for the query how to get rid of pimples, you can see that there are a lot of different interesting terms you can use to create an interesting headline.